Wednesday, June 27, 2007

This is not that great, but prett good for my first one... Dont'cha think???

I love DB and she will too...


UnClE AdVeRtIsEmEnT...

I love this onsie, It only took me like 45 minutes to make.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Guarantee this is the cutest thing YOU have ever seen...

Even the royal prince and princess have a bed time.

13 weeks tomorrow... and a jumper already..

First time in Johnny Jumper-oo

3 Month birthday... I got a walker

I LOVE MY NEW WALKER... 1st time in walker

According to the lip... She is ready to get out now...

HuRlEy cHiC

DaDdY's LiTtLe GiRl

Soo Hard being a princess

A day in the life of BRIELLA

This was Briella's first trip to the RAC... She LOVES the water

He is a BASS

Time for swim lessons.. B-Rad did GREATTTT!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Briella was also involved in water play on brads last day. The kids LOVED her, and she of course humored them with her BIG lovely smiles

Last day of skool

Here is Brad and some of his buddies...Best friend Caleb is hanging out under B-rads right arm and Twin Angel or Roberto under his left arm...Still cant tell them apart.
Look out
Brad is officially a 1st grader

Sprawled out 12 lbs

My G-ma pinning my mama's shirt...
If we had to name our camp... CAMP DIVA.... ;)

Briella's first camping trip... Hat Creek

Big B-rad, keeping it real.. OAK WAREHOUSE BABY

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Contest winner... Moms fave of the day... ;)

My new dress.... purdy huh???

Briella playing with Brad

This is the first "real" toy Brie has seen. Brad turned it on, it made a barking sound and then started shaking... look at the size of her eyes... lol

Belly flop

Front yard fun... Brad landing a perfect '10' belly flop

Brads quotes

"I am thinking of being a rodeo rider when I am bigger mom, its fun, and its not that dangerous, we can handle it. "
Brad BEFORE the bull riders...
"I see I made a bad choice mom, I dont want to ride rodeos, it looks like it might hurt"
Brad After the bull riders.